Mail server configuration

Adding/Removing POP3 accounts and forwarders

Most new domains under VirtuaWeb can now configure their e-mail addresses via a web-based interface. The interface is available at If you cannot log in, you may not have the web-based interface set up for your domain. If you do not have the interface available and would like to have it set up, please e-mail and ask to have the web-based mail interface set up for your domain.

Once logged in, you will see a listing of all POP3 accounts you have on the system. A POP3 account must be accessed with a POP3 client, such as Netscape Mail or Outlook. Instructions for setting up these types of accounts are below.

If you prefer, you can click the "Modify Forwarders" link once logged in to add forwarding accounts. A forwarding account simply takes any mail to its address and forwards it to another address. For example, if you had a HotMail account you wished to use, you could configure a forwarder to take any mail from and automatically forward it to your hotmail e-mail address.

Configuring POP3 accounts

After requesting your POP3 accounts, you can configure your favorite e-mail reader program to check them.  The information listed below should be all that you need.   Contact if you have problems with this.  In the examples below, we will use as an example. 

Please choose an e-mail client:

Outlook Express
Eudora Lite/Pro
Netscape Communicator


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