Outlook configuration

1.  Open Outlook.

2.  Click on the Tools menu, and then on Services.

3.  If you see an option that says Internet E-Mail, click on it to highlight it and then click on Properties.  If you do not see an option that says Internet E-mail, click on Add and add the Internet E-Mail service. 

4.  Type your name (or whatever name you wish to appear on sent messages) in the Name field.  Organization can be left blank if you prefer.  Type the e-mail address of the account in the E-Mail Address field.  Leave Reply Address blank.   Click on the "Servers" tab.

5.  Set both incoming and outgoing servers to mail.virtuaweb.net  Account name is somewhat confusing - your Account name should be the first part of your domain, hyphen, and the first part of the e-mail address.  For example, admin@virtuaweb.net would have the account name virtuaweb-admin, as shown above.   bob@sprocket.com would have the account name sprocket-bob.  In the password field, type the password chosen for the e-mail account.

6.  Click on the Connection tab.  Choose the option that you use to connect to the Internet.  Most users should choose "I use a modem..." and choose their provider from the drop down list.

7.  Click OK.  You're done!

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