E-Mail Configuration

Every VirtuaWeb account allows e-mail services under domains. This allows you to have e-mail addresses such as sales@yourdomain.com, info@yourdomain.com, etc. There are four different types of e-mail services allowed under a domain.

You can configure any of these services via our E-Mail Control Panel.

    Mailbox / POP3 / IMAP
    While often referred to by different names, we will use the term mailbox. Basically a mailbox is an actual location where mail gets stored. Mailboxes are generally accessed using mail clients, such as Outlook, Netscape Messenger, or Eudora. Instructions for configuring various mail clients are provided below.

    Often also referred to as mail aliases, these are addresses that forward any mail sent to them to another address. For example, you may have an employee who has a mailbox at bob@yourdomain.com. If this employee is the sales person for your company, you could configure the forwarders info@yourdomain.com and sales@yourdomain.com and have them forwarded to bob@yourdomain.com. In this manner, the employee does not need to have three different mailboxes to check.

    Auto Responder
    Auto responders are useful for giving out information. An auto responder does nothing but responds to any e-mail it received with a preset message. If you had a product called Flubber, you could create an autoresponder called flubber@yourdomain.com that replies with more information about the product.

    Mailing List
    These are often called reflectors. A mailing list account allows you to specify a list of e-mail addresses. Whenever this address receives a message, it automatically sends that message to everyone on the list.

Setting up E-Mail clients

We have step by step instructions on setting up some of the most popular E-Mail programs. If you have any questions or problems in doing this, or if you need help with an unlisted E-Mail client, you can always e-mail our friendly support staff at support@virtuaweb.net