Communicator configuration

Note: Communicator supports multiple POP3 accounts.  This means that you can use your e-mail program to check other e-mail accounts other than your VirtuaWeb virtual domain account.  This also means that you can check multiple VirtuaWeb accounts.

1.  Open Communicator.

2.  Click on the Edit menu, and then on Preferences.

3. If there is a plus sign (+) next to Mail & Newsgroups, click it to expand the tree.  Click on Identity.  Type your name (or the name you would like displayed on outgoing e-mail) in the name field.  Type the e-mail address of the account in the e-mail address field.

4.  Under the outgoing mail server heading, change the outgoing SMTP mail server to  Leave outgoing mail server user name blank.  SSL should be set to never.  Click Add under the Incoming Mail Servers heading.

5.  Set the Server Name to  Make sure that Server Type is POP3 Server.  The username field is should be the first part of your domain, hyphen, and the first part of the e-mail address.  For example, the address would have the User Name virtuaweb-admin.  If your e-mail address was, your User Name should be sprocket-bob.

6.  Click OK, and then OK again.  You're done!