Outlook Express configuration

1.  Open Outlook Express

2.  Choose "Accounts" from the "Tools Menu"


3. Choose "Add" and then "Mail..."

4. In Display Name, type the name you would like to appear on messages you send with the account.  Click Next.

5.  Type the e-mail address for this account.  Click Next.

6.  Make sure that the field circled above is set to POP3.  In both the incoming and outgoing mail server fields, type mail.virtuaweb.net as shown above.  Click Next.

7.  This is one of the most confusing parts of configuration.  The POP account username should be the first part of your domain, hyphen, and then the first part of the e-mail address.  Examples:  admin@virtuaweb.net would have the POP3 account name virtuaweb-admin, as shown above.  bob@sprocket.com would have the POP3 account name sprocket-bob.  For password, type the password that you chose to use with the account.  Click Next.

8.  The friendly name can be anything you like.  You may wish to type a descriptive name so that you know exactly what the account is.  This is helpful if your Outlook express handles more than one POP3 account.  Click Next.

9.  Choose your connection type.  If you dial in via modem or ISDN, choose the first one.  Click Next.

10.  Choose your Internet Service provider that you use to connect to the Internet from the list.  Click Next.

11.  Click Finish.  You're done!