2. Register your domain name.

Once you have found a domain that you want to use and have verified that it is available, you can now purchase the domain from the InterNIC. Normally the InterNIC has a person fill out cryptic templates to register a domain. However, we have designed an interface that automatically registers your domain with the InterNIC.

By filling out a web-based form, we will automatically register your name with the InterNIC. This sets our domain up and points it to our server, so when you sign up for web hosting with us you will be all set! You will be billed directly from the Internic within a month of filling the form out for the amount of $70. Also note that once you register the domain with us you do not have to have your domain hosted here. Whichever host you choose can have control of the domain transferred over to their server with your permission. We will not bill you for this - it is a service provided by us for free. Once you fill out the form, InterNIC will send you an e-mail saying that the registration was received. Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail saying that the task has been completed.

Before registering your domain, please read the InterNIC Domain Registration Agreement.

When you are ready to register your domain, use this form:
(Fields marked with a * are required)

Domain name:*
Contact Name:*
Phone number:*
Fax Number:
E-mail Address:*

By clicking Submit, I agree to the InterNIC Domain Registration Agreement, and I understand that I will be billed $70 from the InterNIC. I also understand that VirtuaWeb is not responsible for this registration.

Please also note that all activity is logged, so do not submit invalid information.

Make sure everything is typed correctly!