VirtuaWeb Documentation

  • Acceptable Use Policy
    By hosting with VirtuaWeb, you agree to these terms. Please read carefully before uploading your site.

  • Uploading your pages
    Instructions on using an FTP program to upload your pages to our servers.

  • E-Mail Configuration
    Information on setting up E-Mail services and E-Mail programs.

  • Hit Counter
    Instructions for placing a graphical hit counter on a web page.

  • Form Mailer
    Usage instructions for the system form mailer, which allows you to have site visitors fill out a form and have that form's contents mailed to you.

  • .htaccess Tricks
    Instructions on using .htaccess files to do some advanced changes to the behavior of your domain.

Outside Documentation

  • Guide to HTML
    The World Wide Web Consortium's HTML guide.

  • PHP Manual
    A language reference for PHP, a powerful server side scripting language available on some VirtuaWeb accounts.

  • MySQL Manual
    The official documentation for the MySQL database engine, which is offered in some VirtuaWeb packages.