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We understand that looking for a provider to host your page with can be a pain. The following FAQ provides some answers to some common questions, as well as how those questions apply to VirtuaWeb in certain areas. If you have any questions about VirtuaWeb or web hosting in general that are not answered here, please e-mail

What are FrontPage extensions?
Microsoft offers a page designing program that will connect directly to a server, not requiring to use FTP. The FrontPage extensions also allow you to add enhanced features, such as a counter and a form mailer, without the need to do CGI programming. VirtuaWeb has full support for the FrontPage extensions.

I am planning to receive tons of traffic. What should I look for?
If you are planning to have hundreds of thousands of hits per day, you should look into providers that either only have a few sites hosted on a machine, or one that provides dedicated servers, meaning an entire computer would be dedicated to running just your site. These types of services are usually rather costly, but it is worth it as you will have maximum speed even with constant traffic. VirtuaWeb currently is not equipped to handle that much traffic at high speeds. We are more geared towards low- to mid-level usage.

Can I get an e-mail address under my domain?
Yes! One of the advantages of having your own domain is that you can have e-mail addresses under it. You can have,, etc.... You can have each one a separate account for a separate person, or you can have any and all forwarded to a current address. VirtuaWeb can do any of the above with our mail server.

What about technical support?
Different providers offer different types of support. Some offer none, some help you out with minor things, and some even help you design your site! It is best to browse around and see which providers offer the support options that best fit your needs. VirtuaWeb support is happy to help you get your page uploaded and running on our server. We will also configure "pre-installed" scripts, such as counters, form mailers, and guestbooks. Sometimes we can even answer a question about a web page or two. We will not, however, tell you how to design your site, and will only provide minimal help with page design and HTML coding.

I need a page designed for me. Where do I go?
We at VirtuaWeb do not design pages. If you would like a page designed, you will need to find a page designer. Some page designers also offer hosting. Almost any web page designer can put their pages on the VirtuaWeb server. We have seen the work of and can recommend M6 Designs and Sapling productions. If you would like either of them to host the page on VirtuaWeb, you may tell them and they can set things up for you.

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