What we are

VirtuaWeb is the creation of a young entrepreneur. Originally a free hosting service, we have expanded to provide virtual domain hosting at very reasonable rates. Our service began as an effort to make back some of the money we put into the various hardware and software required to provide a free service. We are a small provider aiming to make it easy for people to get a home on the Internet quickly and easily. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our service.

What we are not

We are a small provider, not an extremely large one. We have dedicated ourselves to make it easy for people to put their homepages under their very own domain. We, however, are not a web page design company. Those who sign up for service with us should already have their page completed or at least under construction. We also are not equipped to handle millions of hits per day. If you are planning to have an extremely popular site, please consider some of the larger and more expensive hosting companies. Our server is not busy, but a page with hundreds of thousands of frequent visitors could slow things down for us and other customers.